Version 0.0.2 released!

There are many practices on how to develop software; OOP, reactive, the "modern C++" way, you name it. I chose what I would call features first.

I could've spent weeks making version 0.0.1 stable, look pretty, reusable, develop the GUI I plan on selling and maybe even making it MISRA C compliant - but instead I decided to develop more features. Only when you know all the features of what the software will contain, do you really know how the product should look as a whole.

As such, with the permission of Molly Rocket Inc. I decided to take the first version of the HHA file format and show how to use BEdit to view it. You can find the two articles as wiki post here on HMN. I enjoyed playing around with it, and with version 0.0.2 released I hope you do too.