A small update for the layout language, but big enough to up the 3rd digit by one.

I was looking into a feature I've had on my todo list, that also Benjipede asked for on the forum; big endian support. I only know of one file type that uses most significant byte first, png-files, so I decided to see how hard it would be to make a chunk reader. BEdit is not yet mature enough to do a full decompression of the pixel values so I decided on just iterating the chunks, a task version 0.0.2 was not up for.

New features are:
- Byte order specification. Either use default(endianess = big) in beginning of file or add big (or little) to scalar specification. By default the scalars are assumed to be little endian.
- Keyword size_of_file, a constant defined as - you guessed it - the size of the binary file in bytes.
- for and do while-loops (previously only while loops where supported).

Since comma operator isn't implemented in the layout language the for-loops are not fully compatible with C/C++, but still more useful than not having them at all.

New version can be downloaded on the BEdit page and comes with the png bet-file so you can play around with it yourself.