Version 0.1.0 - First release!

A new year, a new version. But this time, you can actually get a copy of the GUI application!

Although it's rough around the edges, I decided BEdit is ready for the world. You can get it from, assuming you have a windows computer (other platforms will be coming later) and don't mind playing around with alpha/beta versions.

Development will of course continue, but "getting it out there" is a huge milestone - maybe not for the project but for me personally.
Simon Anciaux,
Are you continuing development of the command line version (and does it have the same features as the GUI) ? If so could you provide binaries ?
Yes (and kinda) and yes.

The command line version (in particular BEdit.c and BEdit.h) is used by the GUI directly and any new feature of the Layout Language will be supported by the command line executable ... unless of course I forget and in that case please shout at me with an angry voice as soon as possible and I'll update it.

Regarding the features of the command line version; it has the same member display capabilities (i.e. it can show hex values, octals, strings, enums, etc.) but it is still just a viewer. The GUI allows you do to edits, searches, different views etc., something I'm not sure if makes sense for the command line version. Also, if a plug-in like system is implemented it might be that some plug-ins require a pixel canvas that can't really be implemented in the command line viewer (unless you get really fancy with ASCII). One example of this would be plotting, maybe you could say
struct Audio 
    u(4) sampelCount;
    plot.float_x(4, "plot_1") time[count]; 
    plot.float_y(4, "plot_1") value[count];

and that could plot the audio curve to a texture. But currently, everything that can be displayed by the GUI can also be displayed by the command line.

99.9% of the work since the previous release of the command line viewer has gone into making the GUI, so no new changes that would effect the command line. Except one bug that I fixed yesterday! (The -debug didn't handle the current_address and size_of_file.) I will upload a new build once I've confirmed it also works with GCC on Linux, but the change is just the bug fix mentioned.