New prebuilt command-line version can be found on main page for free and GUI is available on ich io.

As can be seen by the new version number 0.1.2 (and the the open issues list) BEdit is in early development, but still very much in development.

I personally like to program, it's what I do for a living and it's what I do for fun, and I like programming a lot. The greatest problem I have is: what do I spend my time on? Obviously BEdit is one of my more serious projects (I do have some not-so-serious projects too, including my window placer - because aero snap is horrible - that I use everyday) but I also have other projects that require both attention and further development. So how do I decide what to spend time on?

The last couple of months I've decided to give my spare time to BEdit, both on the development and "management" sections (setting up page and similar). To be honest I've enjoyed seeing analytics of how people get to the download page and youtube page (and how long they watch - probably my math background is taking over my mind here), although there's only one video. Speaking of analytics, I posted a LinkedIn article regarding BEdit (linking the download page), and there is almost a 2x factor of viewers coming from HMN compared to the 2nd place LinkedIn - so thank you community for making HMN a thing!

But I also have other projects (following the Handmade manifesto) I'd like to spend time on; one is a local multiplayer game that's just lacking some end-user feedback. So you might ask: Why don't you just finish that before doing BEdit? Ah, a reasonable question. Getting feedback on a local mutliplayer game is easy; you just grab 2-4 people, put them in the same room and... world wide pandemic hits / reality... That project was on hold until the current situation changes - but then I decided, it's time to remove the local in local multiplayer. As such I need to learn how to manage real-time networking (with Steam), and that is something that will take time. So we're back to the previous question, what do I spend my time on?

The answer so far has been easy: Everything. Just do a little bit of UI improvements here, a bit of bug fixing there and don't forget to integrate those art changes there... Sadly I don't think this will work for learning how to do a longer research subject like network programming - I need to spend more time solely on one problem at a time. As such, I will spend less time on BEdit than I have previously and more time on our (I'm the programmer, she's the artist - yea I know, it's a stereotype) game(s).

So what is this? It sounds like a goodbye speech.

No-no-no, this is a welcome speech!

Although I will be programming on other project(s) for a couple of months, the main thing lacking for BEdit is users and end-user interest! As such, I have decided to put BEdit on -50% sale for one month! I will also spend some more time on adding to the (now out-dated) youtube channel for those who haven't decided whether to get a copy or not. This means I will have to restrain myself to not fixing annoyances I find (this is the hard part, because they will always exist), and instead show how the tool is suppose to help you explore, create and debug binary files - the original intent of the tool.

On a personal note, BEdit is a tool I have under my belt and I hope you will have as well.