Binary files can be a pain to debug.

BEdit is for the programmer who deals with binary file formats, and want a tool that is more powerful than a hex editor, but not a fully fledged customized reader.

You usually have to create custom tools just to dump binary files to a structured ASCII format that you can read and inspect. This tool will help you debug, create and edit binary files in a more structured way than a hex editor.

The goal of this project is for you to be able to write (in a C-like language) types and where in the binary file the type appears. The editor then formats the binary data, allowing you to do type safe edits.

This project is in early phase and is being developed. Current version is alpha 0.2.2.

You can get the current build from itch io -
For issues and documentation, head over to GitHub -
Want to try it out? There's an open-source command line version available on Bitbucket .

Note that the editor is currently in alpha and available for purchase at, the command line viewer is free and available as an alpha build. See download link or build it yourself!

If you have feedback or question you would like to share in private, you can do so by sending an email to [email protected]