Initially intended as a quick bug fix update, it became the largest update so far (based on tickets resolved).

For command line users, there are new language features that you'll hopefully find useful. For GUI users, performance has been drastically improved and the interoperability of hex view with the other views have improved. Also a slight upgrade for the graphics in general. I have planned some improvements for the hex view itself but I decided to delay that until next update.

A lot of changes have also happened in the background. As there are four distributional packages
  • Windows GUI
  • Windows GUI + CLI
  • Linux GUI
  • Linux GUI + CLI

creating these have been an error prone activity. As I intend to continue updating BEdit, this is now half-automated - and when I figure out how to do the Linux and Windows build on the same machine, hopefully fully automated.

Next update is currently getting planned and I have many many features and improvements I'd like to add, one of the major one being what has already been mentioned since day 1 "creating files". The actual creation abilities of the current state of BEdit is just as bad as a normal hex editor. There are also another hundred or so features I could prioritize instead, including editor integration (and add editor to GUI proper), binary format for instructions (so anybody could make their own layout language), MacOS build, improve the UI, ... yea, I think the list is triple digit long.

So if you have any feature / improvement request for next update, now is the time to share!

As always, the new update can be downloaded from itch io and the free command line version is also available here at handmade network, on the main page.